Welcome to Duncraigen Farm

Welcome to Duncraigen Farm

This is a partnership run by the Robertson Family which includes Bruce, Carolynn, Marc, Jolene and Casey. read ,more...



The Motu-nui Romney flock pf 1600 ewes is run on Duncraigen Farm amongst 10500 stock units on 750 hectares of light rolling country out to steep hill country with some bush covered gullies.

The flock was established in 2005 between the Le Grove and Robertson famillies to form a partnership which gave us acess to their genetics and technology alongside our management and client base.

Being members of the Wairarapa Developement Group was also a tremendous boost to our clients.



Duncraigen Polled Herefords was formed in 1987 on the division of the Platform Stud of the Robertson brothers in the Wairarapa.It is run in conjunction with our 10500 sock unit farm and our cattle are expected to compete successfully with all other classes of livestock on the farm.


10Our stud was founded in 1983 on ewes from the Platform Stud of the late Frank Robertson in the Wairarapa. The original ewes were decendants of ewes improted from England in 1951

Foals 2008 1The Standardbred arm of our farm was started in 2006 as a hobby and outside interest.

It quickly became apparent that hobbies cost money so it then became our goal to try and operate at the top end of the sales market.

Our intent is to sell the colts and some of the fillies keeping a filly now and again to race.